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Must-Read PangeaBed Reviews

Posted by PangeaBed on June 19, 2017
Must-Read PangeaBed Reviews

As we sell more and more mattresses, we get more and more awesome reviews from our *very* happy customers.

We know we talk about how amazing our mattress is sometimes—okay fine, a lot of the time. So we figured we'd let our customers tell you all about their new mattresses, and how their sleep has been transformed!

The following are reviews and testimonials from PangeaBed customers:

1. A Mattress So Good, You'll Have To Battle Your Dog For It. 

"My sleep hasn't been this sound in years!! I suffer from chronic back pain, despite multiple forms of therapy and even surgery. This bed helps my body relax, which is a huge deal for me. The only down side to this mattress is that they don't make one for dogs. My wife and I go to battle with our massive dog nightly to claim territory on our king size bed."

-Mallory M., Verified Buyer

2. A Full Night's Sleep (Without Benadryl)

"Well, the verdict is in. No Benadryl before I went to bed last night, and I got a full night's sleep on my new PangeaBed. First time I've slept through the night without interruption in my own place in a very long time."

-Cynthia O., Verified Reviewer


3. PangeaBed: The Golden Standard

"With so many companies out there claiming to have your back with customer satisfaction, I've become quite skeptical. Let me set the record straight. PangeaBed is the new gold standard. The concern for your needs are genuine, going above and beyond my expectations is an understatement."

-Cathy P., Verified Reviewer


4. Say Goodbye To The Chiropractor

"I have suffered from insomnia for 8 months... I have been using the mattress for 2 weeks and already notice a difference. The firmness level is perfect for proper sleep. I can already tell I will be going to the chiropractor less."

-Emily P., Verified Reviewer


5. We Apologize In Advance For Making You Sleep Through Your Alarm

"This is the best mattress I have slept on....The first night I slept sound and woke up to my alarm. I usually never slept past 6:30-7:00. This morning I woke up at 8:30. I was so full of energy and had no aches and pains. I love the mattress.... When I got a pillow I was even more surprised at how wonderful I slept... Best night['s] sleep I've had in years!!"

-Julie, Verified Reviewer

6. Great For Kids, Too!

"The PangeaBed copper mattress is very comfortable and is excellent quality. The mattress is supportive and has nice softness to it. I purchased two of these mattresses for my children and they have been sleeping soundly on them."

-Eugene L., Verified Buyer

7. So Amazing They Had To Buy Another

"We bought our first Pangea Copper mattress, after much angst and research. We spent thousands on a mattress set inwait for it1994, and so dreaded going through all that again. Thanks to the internet, we learned that mattress technology has changed remarkably in the last ten years... we settled on the Pangea, and are so glad we did. My husband no longer overheats, and he loves the firmness... I liked this enough to order a Queen for our brand new guest room."

-Katherine O., Verified Buyer

8. "Best customer service I've ever encountered"

"Best customer service I've ever encountered. Call and this company will really work with you on a personal level to get you just what you need. All you have to do is contact them and ask them for whatever you need and they will jump through hoops to make you happy. I am very happy with my mattress and after a few emails to customer service, they got me exactly what I needed." 

-Quinn P., Verified Buyer
9. Unlike Other Mainstream Mattresses

"I love this bed so much... You can just tell the sleep quality is not like any mainstream latex/pillowtop mattress. I can actually feel it working, it regulates my temperature and calms me down for a good night sleep... It'll be the best decision you make!" 

-Allie W., Verified Buyer
10. The Best Memories Start With PangeaBed

"Last night I finally got my first night's rest on the Pangea. I over-slept… by 2 hours! When I woke up I felt rested, refreshed and even pampered… I didn’t want to get out of bed. When I finally did, I received a text from my sister … 'OMG, I miss your bed.' My bed! LOL. Given my experience on the Pangea, I totally get it."


I received the Pangea on Friday... I didn’t get to open it until Sunday evening when my sister arrived as I spent days cleaning and prepping for her arrival. I also selfishly wanted to her to see my home prior to a mattress taking up space on the bedroom floor. See, the new mattress was meant to replace mine but since my sister was visiting I wanted her to have her own bed. She had a recent surgery and was having trouble sleeping. I had my old mattress and used it until she left… My sister had been happily sleeping on the Pangea for three nights and loved it. I couldn’t wait to try it!!! It’s kinda of funny, we had bunkbeds growing up and having two beds in the same room felt like our childhood. We stay[ed] up chatting in the dark and laughing until we were exhausted."

-Jennifer, Verified Reviewer

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