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Why You Should Buy an American-Made Mattress

Posted by PangeaBed on June 06, 2017
Why You Should Buy an American-Made Mattress

When people shop for a mattress, they often consider its price or comfort level, not where the mattress was manufactured.

There are many added benefits with purchasing a mattress bearing that famous "Made in the U.S.A." stamp, however. Discover why this should be a deciding factor when selecting your next mattress below:

Help Our Economy

American-made products employ domestic workers, who in turn fuel local businesses and economies. Choosing to buy a mattress made here in the United States helps create and maintain jobs, which fosters fiscal and economic growth nationally, too.

High Standards

Countries have different health, safety and quality control standards when it comes to manufacturing. Some are stricter than others. Among the most stringent are those within the United States. When you purchase an American-made mattress, you can trust it was made with high-quality materials in a work environment that adheres to the highest health and safety mandates for employees.

A U.S.-Made Mattress Means a Healthy Sleep

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, which means we also spend it on our mattress. So, what goes into your mattress matters. Sleeping on a mattress made with harmful chemicals means you'll end up breathing them in while you sleep.

You can sleep soundly (and healthy) knowing U.S. law requires all mattresses to undergo flammability testing. Toxic additives, such as pentaBDE and formaldehyde, as well as manufacturing chemicals including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), are banned. A group of harmful phthalates (DEHP, DBP and BBP) have also been banned for use in children’s mattresses.

Protect Workers

From unsafe working conditions to unlivable wages, labor laws regulate a wide range of employee issues. In the United States, these help protect workers from exploitation and workplace hazards. Purchasing an American-made mattress ensures you're supporting a company that complies with these rules and strives to maintain safe working conditions for its employees.

Keep the Environment Safe

The United States has strict manufacturing rules when it comes to the environment. These regulations restrict certain chemicals known to contaminate the air and water. Products created without these safeguards can pollute the environment and even deplete the ozone. Manufacturers who improperly dispose of chemicals and scraps in landfills can also contribute to long-term pollution.

You are making a greener purchase when you buy an American-made mattress, since U.S. regulations protect the environment.

At PangeaBed, we value our country's economy, your health, the environment, and our workers, which is why we choose to produce high-quality mattresses right here on American soil.

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