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Why Sleeping With Your Dog Rules

Posted by PangeaBed on December 27, 2016
Why Sleeping With Your Dog Rules

Sure, we may have been known to say once that sleeping with your dog sucks -- but we also like to play devil's advocate from time to time. We all have different opinions and we respect that.

Some of us love cozying up with our furbabies. It's true! And you shouldn't stop just because a blog told you to.

So this post is for you, for the dog mamas and papas who wouldn't last a night without spooning with their pup.

You will be Extra Cozy

Extra Cozy Dog in Bed

Blankets and pillows are comfortable, but you don’t know real comfort until you’ve let your dog sleep in your bed. Your dog will be the best pillow you have ever had--the fluffier the better. Plus, in the winter you basically have your own personal heated blanket while you sleep.

Dogs can Help Relieve Anxiety

Relieve Anxiety in Bed with Dog

If your anxiety keeps you up at night, then sleeping with your dog may help. Having your dog sleep with you means lots of cuddles. The physical contact will cause your bain to release the hormone oxytocin. This increases your relaxation and psychological stability while reducing your stress and lowering your blood pressure. All told, it will help you get a better night sleep.

It will make you feel safer

Sleeping with Dog and Feeling Safer

If you’re someone who is afraid of every little noise once the lights are out, you may want to sleep with your dog for comfort. You will feel much safer knowing that your best friend is snuggled up with you and ready to protect you.

You’ll never actually be “single”

Never be Single with Your Dog

Like any significant other, your dog will spoon with you, give you kisses, and probably hog the covers. Letting your dog sleep in your bed with you means you will always have a cuddle buddy, one who won’t ever complain about having to watch your "guilty pleasure" show.

It’ll make your pup happy, too!

Happy Dog, Happy Puppy

Every dog's mom and dad knows that the most important thing is their fur-baby's happiness. Many of us are guilty of spoiling our pooches. (Is 20 toys too many?) Well, your dog loves cuddling with you as much as you do. Allowing your dog to sleep in your bed with you rather than in its own bed on the floor will make it happy. What’s better than seeing your puppy happy? So, let your dog sleep in your bed with you. You’ll be so glad you did. And your dog will be in heaven.

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