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What is a Bed in a Box? The Future of Mattress Buying

Posted by PangeaBed on July 27, 2017
What Is A Bed In A Box? The Future Of Mattress Buying

Consumer behavior has changed drastically in the last decade, largely the result of disruption by innovative companies that have literally made shopping for books or a new loveseat as easy as a quick click—or, better yet, asking your new assistant to place an order on your behalf.

With the convenience of technology, most industries have evolved and modernized both their products and the shopping experience, overall. From subscription razor services to a revolutionary way to order prescription frames, these ever-evolving industries are forcing everyone to reconsider relationships with brands we've relied upon for so long. 

The mattress industry is no exception. Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar mattress chains dictating how mattresses are sold. Indeed, the future of purchasing mattresses may very well be a "Bed in a Box."

What is a Bed in a Box?

A bed in a box is exactly that: It's a mattress that is compressed, vacuum-sealed, placed in a box, and shipped right to your door. In other words: navigating your new mattress through the front door without bumping into the sofa and coffee table may be a thing of the past. Thanks to the bed in a box's condensed nature, it's easier to transport and set up than the traditional mattress. Simply all you do is move the box to its new room, take it out, relieve it of its plastic protection, and watch your mattress expand to its full size.

Best of all, the mattress will be ready to sleep on that very same night!

Why They're Better

Traditional brick-and-mortar chains can now sell their mattresses via the Internet, giving consumers plenty of additional options. What really matters, however, is not just the idea of a more convenient shopping experience, but the quality of the item and whether the shopper is getting the best bang for their buck. Bed-in-a-box companies aren't just a better alternative solely because they ship your mattress to your door (although it's a huge plus), but they also solve inherent problems that make the average consumer scoff at certain mattresses promising a better sleeping experience. Most crucially, these include quality and price.

For example, mattress stores typically mark up their merchandise six to 12 times higher by the time they're sold, which means consumers are likely overpaying for lesser-quality mattresses. On the other hand, bed-in-a-box companies generally offer a more affordable product, and save the consumer money by identifying cost-effective shipping practices.

Also high on the list of many shoppers is quality. Let's face it: Remembering every piece of material inside a half-dozen mattresses you've tested is a tall task. Luckily, bed-in-a-box companies are transparent about the material used to make their mattresses, and how they're designed to offer a healthier and cleaner sleep experience.

Before bed-in-a-box companies, it's possible you never investigated what's actually inside the mattress you sleep on every single night. Is it hypoallergenic? Does the mattress reduce heat retention? Does it naturally defend against dust mites? Why does this matter?

Maybe it's the internet culture in which these emerging companies derive, but it's shocking to see the amount of mattress reviews online. Physically testing the product may not be an option until it's delivered to your home, but existing customers often find time to write informative reviews, which can be extremely helpful to prospective shoppers. Additionally, these bed-in-a-box companies often offer "100 night trials," so customers can actually experience what the mattress is like in their own environment, and then return the product, if they so choose.

Once a mattress is selected, the company will ship it right to your door in just a few days. So, no strapping your new mattress to the top of your car (and hoping it doesn't fall off on the drive home), and no expensive shipping costs associated with delivery.

How To Buy One

Buying a bed in a box is simple. Since the trend has taken over the mattress industry, the hardest part will be choosing the right mattress. Here are a few helpful tips: 

  1. Research bed-in-a-box brands, learn about the mattresses, and read reviews to find the mattress that is right for you.
  2. Choose a size. Not sure which size is right for you? Check out this helpful mattress sizing guide.
  3. Purchase the mattress from the company website.
  4. Your mattress will be shipped to your door in a "How did they do that?"-sized box.
  5. Unbox and unwrap your mattress in your bedroom. (They typically work on any type of bed frame or the floor.)
  6. Allow it to expand to its full size.
  7. Enjoy an amazing night's sleep!


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