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Unboxing Your Latex or Memory Foam Bed in a Box

Posted by PangeaBed on September 21, 2017
Unboxing Your Latex Or Memory Foam Bed In A Box

So, your brand new latex or memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress has arrived, delivered right to your front door! So, now what do you do?

You're probably used to your mattress being delivered ready to sleep on, but unfamiliar with unpacking it from a small box. Don't worry; it's easy, exciting, and way better than purchasing mattress in a retail store.

You don't have to stress while watching delivery men try to maneuver your brand new mattress up the stairs, through the hallway, in between various furniture, into your bedroom. Your bed in a box navigates through all this with ease, and you can likely move it on your own.

But the best part? You'll be able to sleep on it the very same night.

Follow these easy steps to unpack your mattress in just a few minutes, and get ready to enjoy your best night's sleep yet:

  1. Move your mattress to your bedroom.
  2. Remove your mattress from the box.
  3. Place the mattress on the foundation.
  4. Unroll the mattress. (Make sure the top is facing up!)
  5. Carefully remove the plastic from the mattress, using the special tool.
  6. Wait for your mattress to expand to full size; this typically takes about an hour.
  7. Sleep on it the very same night!

If your mattress has a scent to it, don't worry, that's normal. Let it air out, and depending on the material the mattress was made with, it should naturally go away within two or three days. Have a great night!



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