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The Fight Against Waking Up With a Stiff Neck

Posted by PangeaBed on February 23, 2017
The Fight Against Waking Up With a Stiff Neck

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a dreaded stiff neck. You know, one of those mornings when you can’t even turn your head to the right or left. Instead, you have to move your entire body just to talk to someone sitting beside you. Besides being annoying, it is incredibly painful and can really ruin your day. Join PangeaBed as we fight against mornings ruined by stiff necks with our copper mattress, the best mattress for neck pain.

Why Do I Wake Up With a Stiff Neck?

If you find yourself waking up with neck pain, your mattress could be the culprit. It’s often a sign that your mattress is not providing you with proper spine alignment while you sleep. Continuing to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t give you the correct support could make your neck pain worse. That's why it may be in your best interest to get a new mattress. We also recommend visiting a doctor first to ensure that there are no serious problems.

The Best Mattress for Neck Pain

The key to buying the best mattress for alleviating your neck pain is to look for one that keeps your head, neck and spine aligned. Some people find that purchasing a latex mattress provides them with the proper spine support. Latex reduces pressure points and helps to distribute your weight evenly while you sleep so you wake up without that annoying stiff neck.

PangeaBed mattresses have been made with you (and your neck) in mind. As part of our efforts to fight against waking up with a stiff neck, we’ve created a mattress to provide your spine with the optimal orthopedic support. Our mattress is neither too soft nor too hard, so your neck and your spine will stay naturally aligned. We used a layer of Talalay latex to provide your spine with the perfect amount of support while still giving you the most comfortable night's rest.

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