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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Posted by PangeaBed on March 14, 2017
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

It's really easy for us to say how great our mattress is. We actually can't stop talking about how amazing it is most of the time. Thankfully, our customers are also talking—so we'll let you take their word for it instead of ours. Here's what our customers are saying about the PangeaBed.

1. The ahhhh moment

"First night's sleep was so good, and when initially laying down in bed I couldn't help but have a real 'aahhhhh' moment unlike my old mattress..."

Ted: verified reviewer


2. No fluff here

"I instantly noticed that, unlike my last mattress, I didn't feel like I was being sucked into the middle of the mattress due to inadequate padding...Comfort AND integrity, rather than just a pile of fluff."

Kris: verified reviewer


3. Possibly the best wedding gift ever?

"...Once the mattress was on the bed & bed made up—you could tell day and night difference between Pangea and our old mattress. Pangea copper mattress is firm, good quality, and is so much better than our previous mattress from the store."

Emily B.: verified reviewer


4. A pregnant woman's dream

"...As very active individuals, my husband and I value our rest and we both agree we could stay snuggled in our copper mattress for days—it's that amazing!... In fact, we recently spent the night in my parent's guest bedroom and let's just say it wasn't a Pangea bed...."

Lindsey B.: verified reviewer


5. A mattress for when you decide to move to Mexico!

"I knew it was going to be a challenge to get a mattress after moving to Mexico... But it wasn't too heavy to carry up the spiral staircase to my 3rd story apartment (no way a regular mattress could have fit in the tiny staircase)...I'm so happy with my Pangea bed! I recommend it to anyone moving..."

Paige: verified reviewer


6. Don't forget your health

"I do a lot of research on holistic living and health, and having a bed that fits within my lifestyle is very important..Pangeabed has exceeded my expectations, it is comfortable, and most importantly great for my health and lifestyle... You awake feeling rested and revitalized. Thank you! Namaste, Pangeabed!"

Jessica: verified reviewer


7. The best post-pregnancy mattress

"My husband and I were in the market for a new mattress before the arrival of our new baby a couple of weeks ago...This mattress has been a dream, and now, with the new baby, I can get the best possible sleep for napping and at night..."

Lauren G.: verified reviewer


8. 10/10!

"I bought a king copper mattress and it is fantastic. The mattress is what I would consider the *right* amount of firmness and extremely comfortable... Overall, 10/10, 5 stars—amazing mattress. Would recommend it to friends and family."

Edward F.: verified reviewer


9. Remember the pillows!

After researching mattresses online, I convinced my skeptical wife to try the Pangeabed. Her main concern was not being able to try it before purchase, but with the guarantee to return if we didn't like it, she was in. This was the BEST decision we have ever made. ...Definitely recommended if you are shopping for a new bed! (Oh, and the pillows are just as awesome!!)

Brent H.: verified reviewer


10. So great you'll want to invest

"I can tell u FIRSTHAND this Pangea mattress is comfy. I really do like it. Like perfect balance of cush and firmness. I want to invest. Can I buy stock in Pangea? ..."

Tim F.: verified reviewer


11. Better than Tempur-pedic!

"... Superior night's sleep. Way better than $4,000 Tempur-pedic we replaced. Firmer and easier for our backs. I can't explain it. It is firm yet soft. Don't know how they do it...We had friends stop by and we invited them to try it. They ordered theirs the same day..."

Harold F.: verified reviewer


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