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Guide to Working From Home (In Bed)

Posted by PangeaBed on April 28, 2017
Guide to Working From Home (In Bed)

Ah, working from home, quite possibly the best work perk ever. You don't have to commute or engage in small talk with coworkers—as a matter of fact, you don't even have to get out of bed. Here are several tips to working from home so you can stay in bed all day.

1. Go Through Your Morning Routine

Wash your face, shower, go through your normal routine to wake yourself up and get ready to work. It's okay to put your favorite pajamas back on, since you're working from bed, anyway.

2. Caffeinate

Grab a coffee, make that two, so you won't have to get back up. You'll need the extra caffeine so you don't collapse into an "accidental" nap at some point.

3. Figure Out Your Setup

Use all your pillows to create a desk-like structure for your laptop and other things you'll need throughout the day. This is both comfy and practical!

4. Have All Of Your Chargers Nearby

The worst thing would be to get all cozy and realize your laptop charger is all the way on the other side of the room *UGH*. Make sure you have every charger you'll need, along with your laptop, phone and tablet within arm's reach.

5. Keep Snacks Handy

Hard work means you'll get hungry. Keep snacks close by so you don't have to interrupt your work.

6. Move Your TV Remote Far Away

It'll be easy to just turn on the television and accidentally watch The Price is Right all day, so be sure and put your TV remote somewhere far away from you so you won't be tempted.

7. Just Say 'No' To Social Media

You'd be surprised how much time you'll waste on social media. So just say no to browsing through your feeds to ensure an efficient work day.


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