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The 12 Best Sleep Apps for All of Your Sleepy Needs

Posted by PangeaBed on August 08, 2016

Sleep’s hard. But don’t worry – like everything else these days: there’s an app for that.

We’ve scoured the internet, ratings and comment sections to figure out which sleep apps will rock you to sleep, track your REM cycle, wake you up gently (or abruptly… your choice) or ones that will guide you in some relaxing meditation.

Here are some of our favorites:

Sleep Genius


Using research on how NASA gets astronauts to fall asleep, Sleep Genius aims to train its users to fall asleep without the assistance of white noise or similar sleep strategies.

Available: iOS ($4.99) & Android (Free to download but with in-app purchases)



This power nap and sleep app combines neurolinguistics programming, enchanting music, sound effects and binaural beats to ease users in to deep, restorative sleep. An amazingly unique feature? With over one billion soundtracks, Pzizz will never play the exact same track twice – meaning that your subconscious will never be able anticipate what’s coming up next.

Available: iOS (Free) & Android (Free)

White Noise Free


With White Noise Free, users can listen to soothing environmental sounds to help you relax during the day or fall asleep, and stay asleep, at night.

Available: iOS (Free) & Android (Free)


Sleep Time


Sleep Time provides insight on how you sleep – it tracks your movements, graphs your sleep cycles and learns to wake you up at the perfect moment: during your lightest sleep phase.

Available: iOS ($1.99) & Android (Free)



Developed by founders who had one question: “How much sleep am I actually getting?” With all types of options, SleepBot can be used as a simple sleep tracker or an in-depth analyzer. It can track your movements and sound levels, record any pattern changes, recommend tips for getting a good night’s sleep, and wake you up at the right time to reduce tiredness.

Available: iOS (Free) & Android (Free)

Sleep Cycle


Every night we go through multiple sleep cycles, and the Sleep Cycle app tracks them all! Find out when your light sleep phase is, how long your REM-cycle lasts, and be woken up during your lightest sleep, reducing grogginess and making you feel like you woke up naturally.

Available: iOS (Free) & Android ($0.99)




Rightfully dubbed “The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock App,” Alarmy makes you work. You can choose from a variety of really annoying alarm sounds, and three different methods to shut off the sound. The first is the usual: swipe off. The second is slightly more annoying: shake your phone a designated number of times to shut it off. The third is the worst: you have to take a photo to match a photo that you took earlier. If your photos don’t match up, the alarm will just continue ringing. Most people choose to shoot a location outside of their bedroom, like the refrigerator or the bathroom sink, and can choose among difficulty levels to shut off the alarm – easy means you can be within the vicinity and hard means your lines much match up exactly. Annoying… but effective.

Available: iOS ($1.99) & Android (Free)

Morning Routine


This app has playful transitions to help ease you into your day. Whether having to scan a specific barcode to start your morning or turning on your coffee machine, this alarm can soon get you on your way to having a great day.

Available: Android (Free)



A talking alarm clock that makes waking up fun! CARROT starts by playing some chart-topping songs, and proceeds to make you complete a few hilariously bizarre chores and games, allowing you to “level up” and unlock new songs and app upgrades. But make sure you don’t sleep in, because CARROT does get upset.

Available: iOS ($2.99)




A super simple app to help train your mind, Headspace lets its users learn how to meditate, relax, be happier and sleep better.

Available: iOS (Free 10 sessions, then a monthly subscription) & Android (Free 10 sessions, then a monthly subscription)

The Mindfulness App


A complete mindfulness app, it allows you to practice clarity and openness in all situations. This includes breathing space, walking meditations, yoga meditations, sitting in silence, etc.

Available: iOS ($2.99) & Android ($4.99)

Mindfulness Meditation


This simple and convenient app teaches you how to meditate, what the best seated positions are for you, relaxation exercises, meditation talks and more.

Available: iOS (Lite is Free or $12.99/year) & Android (Lite is Free or $12.99/year)

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