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6 Amazing Benefits of Cuddling

Posted by PangeaBed on February 14, 2017
6 Amazing Benefits of Cuddling

Everybody knows that cuddling is just about the best thing ever, especially when paired with your favorite show. When you cuddle with someone (or a beloved furry friend), your body releases the hormone oxytocin, aka, the cuddle hormone. This incredible hormone is not only responsible for the fuzzy feeling you get inside when you cuddle, it also has amazing benefits for your health and your relationship!

1. It makes you happy

If you're feeling a little down, cuddling can fix that. When you have skin-to-skin contact, your body releases oxytocin. This feel-good hormone increases your happiness!

2. It can strengthen your relationship

You feel closer to your partner when you cuddle, thanks to your rising levels of oxytocin! It can also promote trust and improve the connection between you both, creating a stronger relationship.

3. It boosts your immune system

Yes! Cuddling can even boost your immune system. When you cuddle, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, which are feel-good hormones that boost your immunity and help you fight off sickness.

4. Cuddling Relieves Pain

Having some back pain? Make time for a cuddle session! Oxytocin has been shown to relieve pain including back pain and migraines!

5. It reduces stress

When you cuddle, your adrenal glands cut back on cortisol production, making you feel less anxious and less stressed. Oxytocin also helps to reduce stress and anxiety!

6. It helps you sleep better

When you’re less stressed out, you’ll be able to fall asleep easier!

Be sure to make extra time to cuddle up every single day so you can get the most out of its amazing benefits!

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