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5 Signs You Need a Better Mattress

Posted by PangeaBed on April 14, 2017
5 Signs You Need a Better Mattress

Take a second to think about how you slept last night. If it was just "ok," you may want to consider getting a new mattress, because you deserve better than that. You should be sleeping on a mattress that gives you a restful night's sleep, so you can wake up every morning ready to face the day. It's time to get a mattress you deserve and kick that mattress that keeps you tossing and turning all night to the curb. Here are 5 signs that you need a better mattress:

1. Your Mattress Is More Than 7 Years Old
Unlike fine wine, mattresses don't get better with age. After about 7 years, your mattress will begin to loose the comfort and support that it once used to provide.  

2. If You're Still Sleeping On An Innerspring Mattress
Sure, innerspring mattresses are fine, but let's get real: you deserve better. Innerspring mattresses not only offer inferior comfort and support, they are also crawling with bacteria, fungus and allergens. The space between the inner springs creates a warm environment for these organisms to thrive and make you sick. 

3. If You're Waking Up In Pain
Waking up is always tough, but waking up in pain is a red flag. Whether it's neck or back pain or muscle aches, you need a better mattress that provides you with the proper support.

4. You're Having Allergies
Over time your mattress can accumulate dust mites and other allergens that can aggravate your allergies. If you sneeze very often when you're in bed or you wake up with a stuffy nose, it's could be a sign that your mattress is causing an allergic reaction. If so, it's time to get a better bed, preferably a mattress that's hypoallergenic.

5. You Purchased Your Mattress From A Mattress Store

If you purchased your mattress from a mattress store, you deserve better. No, we're not saying you should get rid of your mattress (unless it's time for a new one). But next time you should shop online to get a better mattress, because reputable online mattress companies offer superior mattresses at incredible prices! And they deliver!


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when is it time to get a new mattress
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